Abbey Coaches | 70 Seater Coaches
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70 Seater Coaches

Upto 70 Seats

Events that require the transportation of the largest number of passengers are likely to benefit immensely from our 70 seat coaches. Accounting for a considerable number of people individually can be a nightmare for someone trying to organise an event to a specific time schedule, making this particular form of transport highly efficient for the occasion. School trips in particular are often extremely difficult events to organise effectively, so traveling by our 70 seater coach allows journey plans to be the least of your worries for the rest of the day.

We also encourage clients who want to transport a large number of family members and friends from a wedding reception to the next designated venue to make the most of our premium coach hire service. Many people who are visiting somewhere new for the sake of a wedding day can find it hard to navigate their way to the party venue. By traveling together on a 70 seater coach provided by the Abbey Coaches, you can rest assured that everyone will arrive to the party venue on time and without the struggle of navigating their way through unknown territory.

Our coaches are also included in our corporate range of vehicles, so if a major event such as a wedding or christening occurs, you can be transported efficiently and arrive at your destination in style and on time. We specialise in providing corporate travel arrangements and therefore encourage our clients to make the most of our outstanding services.

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